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  • Warehousing & Distribution

    We have storage and distribution capacity across North America

    Transnat’s warehousing and distribution services focus on cross border freight and also act as a North American distribution network for international clients. We currently have warehouse facilities in the strategic locations of Champlain, NY and Boucherville, Quebec.

    You pay for what you use

    The advantages of outsourcing your warehousing and distribution requirements to Transnat are numerous. It starts with just paying for what you use and need today. Then allowing us to plan and manage the risk and costs associated with expanding and contracting space requirements while reducing other overheads such as WMS software, human capital and 24/7 security… to name a few.

    We bring service efficiency and cost savings to customers large and small. Features include:

    Warehousing Services:

    • Short Term/Long Term Storage across North America
    • Pick and Pack
    • Cross Docking
    • Container Stuffing/Destuffing
    • Order Fulfilment
    • Inventory Management
    • Product Return Management

    Distribution Services:

    Additional Services:

    • Ticketing/Labelling
    • Quality Inspection
    • Kitting/Assembly
    • Repackaging
    • Barcode Scanning
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